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Real Ultimate Athletes. 
real results.

Seth F

"[Ultimate Performance Training] has truly changed my on field performance with ultimate as well as recovery time post game/practice."


Ultimate Performance Training is about training like an athlete, moving like an athlete, and performing like an athlete. UPT will develop your on-field speed, footwork, and jumping abilities - all while reducing your risk of injury! This program develops athletic qualities and improves resiliency by combining strength training with power development. Plus, it's all delivered through an easy-to-follow mobile app. Join now to answer all questions you have about your training routine!

What you can expect from these plans:

Intelligently programmed workouts and phases

Step-by-step guidance

Delivered through an easy-to-follow mobile app

Designed specifically for the demands of ultimate frisbee 

Team discounts are available (up to 50% off). Email ** for information!

Ultimate performance recovery is designed for athletes who are dealing with specific aches and pains due to the demands of sport. If you're sick of missing practice or tournaments and feel like your current training plan isn't addressing your problems, one of these 6-week plans might be for you. These programs can be done on their own or in addition to Ultimate Performance Training. Plus, it's all delivered through an easy-to-follow mobile app.

Current recovery programs: Knee and Lower back/Hips.

What you can expect from these plans:

Mobility, flexibility, and strength training designed for problem joints

6-weeks of progressive training
Step-by-step guidance

Delivered through an easy-to-follow mobile app

Adjustable to your personal schedule

12-month access


A Complete Season Training Program

12 months of well-rounded, ultimate-focused workouts. You'll be provided with all the information you need to become an ultimate athlete. All of your exercise programming will be done for you and ready at the start of each week.


This is intended to be more than just a training program. We're building a community of likeminded athletes who are all working together to help each other get stronger, move better, and learn more.

Access to coaches

Have a question about an exercise? Unsure about your form/technique? Don't have the necessary equipment? No worries, you'll have the ability to have all of your questions answered.

Delivered through the Train Heroic App


All programming is done through the easy to use and navigate Train Heroic app.


Dumbbells // Cable machine or bands // mini band // foam roller // Something to jump on or off or over // Flat bench


Barbell // Cable machine // Kettlebells // Weighted Vest // Plyo boxes

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