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Welcome to your Secret Weapon


Current phase: IN-Season


Ollie Cunningham

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"Ultimate Performance Training" is about training like an athlete, moving like an athlete, and performing like an athlete. Whether you're trying to burn your defender deep, tighten up your handler movement, or trying to get some sweet skys, your training needs to be geared towards improving your athletic ability. This program develops athletic qualities and improves resiliency by combining strength training with explosive, athletic power development.

Phase 01

This phase is all about perfecting movement patterns and building a strong base. We'll utilize high reps, low weight, and time-under-tension to do so. 

Stability Endurance
Phase 02

This phase is all about building strong, functional muscle. A bigger muscle will produce more power and be more resilient. We'll utilize a moderate rep range, moderate weight, and a mind-muscle connection to do so. 

Phase 03

This phase is all about building functional, full-body strength. Strength is KEY when it comes to the conversion of power. We'll utilize a low-moderate rep range and moderate-high weight to do so. 

Phase 04

This phase is all about getting strong AF. We'll put our neurological system to the test and see how much strength we've gained. We'll utilize low reps and high weight to do so.

Max Strength
Phase 05

This phase is all about the conversion of power. We've built muscle. We've built strength. Now it's time to bring them together and get POWERFUL. We'll utilize explosive movements at max effort to do so.


$20 / mo



A Complete Season Training Program

12 months of well-rounded, ultimate focused workouts. You'll be provided all the information you need to become an ultimate athlete. All of your exercise programming will be done for you and ready at the start of each week.


This is intended to be more than just a training program. We're building a community of likeminded athletes who are all working together to help each other get stronger, move better, and learn more.

Access to coaches

Have a question about an exercise? Unsure about your form/technique? Don't have the necessary equipment? No worries, you'll have the ability to have all of your questions answered.

Delivered through the Train Heroic App

All programming is done through the easy to use and navigate Train Heroic app.



Dumbbells // Cable machine or bands // mini band // foam roller // Something to jump on or off or over // Flat bench


Barbell // Cable machine // Kettlebells // Weighted Vest // Plyo boxes

$20 / mo

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