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About Me

My name is Ollie and I'm the founder of, you guessed it, Train With Ollie. The roots of Train With Ollie started growing when I first entered the "health and wellness" realm.


After beginning my journey, I learned that the information I desperately needed was hidden behind false promises and predatory tactics that preyed on insecurities. I spun my wheels for years and have since made it my mission to help others avoid the traps I fell for. 

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Growing up, I wasn't the healthiest. Between an early infatuation with things like video games and chicken nuggets, I ended up weighing quite a bit more than my peers through middle school and early high school. In fact, I remember standing on the scale out of curiosity as an eighth-grader and not fully comprehending the "210 lbs" I read. I was always envious of the confidence my friends seemed to have and vividly remember how much it hurt when a friend asked:


"Why are you wearing your shirt in the swimming pool"?

It wasn't until much later in life I realized how much my lack of self-confidence was impacted by my self-image. Not only was my psyche negatively impacted by my physical appearance, I never assigned much value to myself. I didn't have any love for myself.


It was during this time my health started declining. 

It all started with a few seemingly harmless "dizzy spells". Things began to escalate and my life bounced between being immobilized in bed because of my uncontrollable vertigo that would last for days and endless testing done in various hospitals. This went on for several years until I was finally diagnosed with Ménière's disease. During that time I lost the ability to hear out of my left ear 

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