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Personal Training

Hi, I'm Ollie

I'm a private personal trainer based out of Denver, CO. I work with an extremely wide range of clients: from high-level athletes to weekend warriors to individuals with injuries to people who are just getting into fitness.

My training philosophy is centered around making people feel better, move better, and perform better. My ideal client is anyone with a goal, a positive attitude, and a willingness to work hard.


Everyone I work with has a unique body and a different set of challenges, thus, each program is individually customized to meet their specific needs.  

I'm currently operating out of Club Form Fitness in downtown Denver.

olliver cunningham, denver personal trainer

Ultimate Performance Training is an ultimate frisbee workout program.


It's about training like an athlete, moving like an athlete, and performing like an athlete.

It consists of 3-5 workouts per week delivered through the Train Heroic mobile app.


UPT will help you burn your defender deep, tighten up your handler footwork, and explode for the disc.


This program develops athletic qualities and improves resiliency by combining strength training, explosive athletic power, and conditioning.


Plus, it's all delivered through an easy-to-follow mobile app. Join now to remove any and all questions you have about your training routine!

"Oliver has done a great job keeping me motivated to return each week. His positive attitude is infectious and it is clear by his comments during my workouts that he is really in tune with the progress I am making. Oliver has a way of pushing me that is both effective and encouraging..” 

—  Tim R.


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